At Green Harvest Farming in India, we have a set of five values which operate as a system, reflecting and shaping our behaviours and organisational culture. Through our core values, we recognize the relationships between our clients, employees, supporters, contractors, partner organisations, the community and most importantly, the environment. We strongly and consistently support and encourage the growth of organic farming practices. And we are committed to the strictest integrity in products and how we do our business. With our organic products, we assure you that you will feel good about the food you put on your table and the effect it brings to the world!

  • First of all, our three basic goal values are—the values of our products: healthy, sufficient & sustainable food supplies.

  • We believe that embracing organic fruits and vegetables is the key to a simple and healthy way of living and that dealing justly with customers, clients and employees is key to a fine society.

  • Good-tasting organic fruits and vegetables are good for the body as well as the mind. It is also good for the planet that our successors will inherit. It's a very simple choice that makes a huge difference. Once again, the populace is seeking food that is in sync with nature's systems, and there is no other healthier, more delectable alternative than Green Harvest Farming’s organic foods!

  • Spreading awareness about organically grown foods as they are healthier since we get nutrient-rich, organic vegetables free of harmful fertilizers.

  • We deal on a direct and regular basis with our sourcing partners. We make it a point to pay fair prices to them directly with the aim of maximizing the farmers’ returns. We and our sourcing partners always encourage our farmers to produce the best quality organic crops which is helpful for them as well as their communities.

  • Green Harvest Farming makes a conscious effort to educate people about the current and popular harmful agricultural practices. We also aim to push organic farming to the forefront.

  • The values underlying the Green Harvest Farming brand are nutritious, great-tasting organic foods & authentic, respectful sourcing.